Alex Bramford: A Tech Enthusiast, BRM Expert, World Traveler

by Tina Huynh

As one of the most dedicated team members since day one, Alex Bramford has a diverse background not only his career but also in his personal life with a longer list of passport stamps than any Congero’s team member.

Born and raised in South Africa, Alex found his passion for tech at an early age. He likes to describe it as an “obsession” with the Turing Machine (*), Morse Code, and Information Theory.

“I enjoy problem solving and integrating electronic things,” he said. “What we do keeps the world’s infrastructure humming along nicely.”

After graduating high school in Natal, South Africa, Alex moved on to pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at University of East Anglia Norwich, UK and graduated in 1997. After two years working as a network radio operator in 5 Signals Regiment, South African Defense Force (1989-1990) and as a digital typography assistant (1993-1997), he got his first BRM gig for T-Mobile in Hammersmith, London. This was when his life journey all over the world started. Two decades later, Alex Bramford has worked and lived in Switzerland, Greece, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Mexico and Texas.

In 2015, Alex Bramford was reached out by Mr. Thomas Cong, our Founder and CEO, through LinkedIn. His story at Congero started here.

“I really enjoy the degree of professionalism of our consultants: everyone at Congero is super-smart and dedicated to their client,” he said.

As mentioned, professionalism is something Alex believes to be very important in every person’s career.

“No matter how good you are at your skillsets, it’s no good if the client cannot see you: be on time, always be seen to be professional,” he said.

As someone who gets a thrill from problem solving, Alex’s most favorite thing about his career is getting to build great things for his clients from the ground up.

“I love the journey alongside the client: emerging from the fog of requirements all the way to the clarity of a well-defined and well-engineered solution,” he said.

However, it can be challenging when there are multiple points of view coming from the client, especially when you’re trying to make everyone happy. Alex does not enjoy working it all out only through “COVID-era Zoom calls.”

After these long working days full of analysis, Alex finds it therapeutic to ride his bike on a trail. Endurance mountain biking is his number one favorite hobby. He strives to ride in the most challenging mountain bike races on the world’s most scenic trails one day. Besides that, Alex is keen on building vacuum tube amplifiers and vintage radio.

(*) Turing machines, first described by Alan Turing in Turing 1936–7, are simple abstract computational devices intended to help investigate the extent and limitations of what can be computed. Turing’s ‘automatic machines’, as he termed them in 1936, were specifically devised for the computing of real numbers. Today, they are considered to be one of the foundational models of computability and (theoretical) computer science.[1]

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