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Introduction to Oracle BRM

An attractive training designed to learn the fundamentals of Oracle Communications Billing

and Revenue Management (BRM).

Get to know our teachers

Saray Mora

Saray Mora

QA Analyst

Bachelor of System Engineering graduate
from the National University of Costa Rica,
Saray has experience in telecom system support, and she is always eager to learn
about new technologies.
Alexander Salazar

Alexander Salazar

Delivery Lead, Congero LATAM

As an electrical engineer, Alexander
has experience in software architecture
and development. He previously worked
for Oracle and has been with Congero Technology since 2018.
Adrián Rocha

Adrián Rocha

Tech Lead, Congero LATAM

Adrian has extensive experience supporting telecom systems and finance companies.
He has led development teams and designed architectural solutions for projects in Latin America, Europe, and America.

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